About the kindergarten


Kindergarten Pacific is proud of being a professional learning environment, always ensures the best quality education for your children. The Ministry of Education standardized curriculum will help children develop physically and mentally. In particular, the school offers English classes with foreign teachers, which make children feel closer, cheerful and active as well as helps them to become acquainted with English in their early years.

Class size is ideal for ensuring complete care for children. School facilities are comfortable and follow the standard of safety. Classrooms are equipped with the best equipment to support the learning and playing of the children. Pickup time is flexible, suitable for working timetable of parents. We offer the school bus which is safe, comfortable and economic throughout the city.

Pacific Nursery teachers are professionally trained about child psychology in a holistic manner. Teachers always pay attention to the interests and individuality of each child to be able to follow and direct each child to the activities that help to form a personality in a comprehensive way.

In addition, the school also focuses on regularly organizing extracurricular activities – life skills, outdoor activities which are very interesting and useful for children.

The joy and development of children are precious things that Pacific Nursery School always
respect, preserve and promote. Parental trust is the motivation for us to continue to grow and raise a new level in the education of children.

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