An open letter from the principal


Dear Parents!

First of all, Pacific School would like to send greetings to parents!

Pacific School was established in 2007, formerly known as Thanh Son Primary School, belongs to the national education system and is under the management of Can Tho City Education and Training.

The school provides facilities and teaching capacity from pre-school to upper secondary level, according to the educational program of the Ministry of Education and Training. Since 2010, the school has become the first international school of Can Tho City and the Mekong Delta with the introduction of international and international English taught by native teachers.

With the International English Program helping children get access to new programs, teaching methods with well-qualified native speakers, experienced vocabulary and pronunciation will help them not only Basic knowledge but also the ability to use English in the context, real situations and meet the professional conditions in accordance with MOET regulations on education level, pedagogic methods, The teachers and their teaching experience will be accompanied by enthusiastic tutors who will take care of each student and help them step by step to catch up with the development trends of the time. knowledge and skills in accordance with international standards can integrate into the environment of international integration today.

Along with the International English Program, the Ministry of Education and Training program helps children acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes of Vietnamese students at the request of the Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam. I qualify for the national high school graduation exam, as well as examinations and admission to colleges and universities in and outside the country.

Extracurricular activities of the school are rich and diverse, combining a variety of activities through activities in and outside the classroom such as Club activities, Game Show, English Speech Contest, English, Outdoor activities, practical experience is one of the favorite activities of students, through this activity helps students practice and better behave, confident with the community. In particular, the school not only equips students with a solid foundation of education but also helps them develop in a holistic way, including bringing life skills, living values ​​and physical development into the program. main instruction and inclusion of extracurricular activities.


Carrying on the mission of “cultivating people” and helping students to develop the whole of Germany – Tri – Body – America, especially able to communicate fluently in English and to perform well that mission, Duong always motto “best care to each student”. With this motto, we constantly strive, efforts, meet the wishes of parents and students. At “The Second House of the Pacific” we are all sure to bring our children – the best learning environment, the most loving teachers, the most caring, caring and educated students. ”

Quality, effective teaching, best care to each student is our target always put on top. That is what the Pacific College – always looking forward to. Pacific School – Innovative learning environment that fosters interpersonal engagement, fulfills the expectations of parents, students, and society.

Pacific College – All for dear students!

Pacific Ocean – environment all for students.

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