The Pacific School system has three campuses:
– Facility 1: Pacific School, 112 Tran Phu, Cai Khe Ward, Ninh Kieu Dist., Can Tho City.
– Facility 2: Primary and Secondary School, Thoi Binh Ward, Thoi Thuan Ward, Thot Not Dist., Can Tho City.
– Facility 3: Thai Binh Duong Kindergarten, 204 – 206 – 204A Tran Phu, Cai Khe Ward, Ninh Kieu Dist., Can Tho City
The school has a system of working rooms, classrooms, library, canteen, canteen, practice room, audiovisual room, music room, art room, dormitory. Ensure modern facilities for the work, teaching and learning of staff, teachers and students.

– The class is equipped with air conditioning system, CCTV, wooden floor in the nursery class.
– Clean, spacious classrooms are beautifully decorated to suit the needs of the children.
– There is a large play area with swimming pool, soccer field and playground for all kind of baby.
– The dining and housekeeping area is individually designed. The kitchen system is managed by experienced chefs and in-depth knowledge of nutrition, food hygiene and safety.

– Equipped with audiovisual system: LCD screen, projector, interactive board, music room equipped with many instruments such as piano, organ, guitar, … – There is a full laboratory, painting room, sculpture room, informatics room to meet the needs of students. – Libraries with a variety of reference materials for each subject, meeting the needs of reference materials for both teachers and students. – In addition, the school also has: dormitories with suites are well qualified. Rooms have bunk beds and many side effects. Water supply and support services are adequate, convenient and convenient for students from far away provinces to study at the University. Spiritual life of students is rich with sports activities, culture and arts. The environment of healthy living is stable, orderly safety and discipline are guaranteed to help students learn peacefully.

– Especially, the school has a well-equipped medical school and medicine room, which is managed by an experienced medical practitioner. This is the place to manage initial health records, periodic and long-term health monitoring for hundreds of students and staff members each school year. In addition, the school coordinates and integrates with Phuong Chau International Hospital every year to check health for students at the beginning of the school year, coordinated with Ninh Kieu District Health Station to launch many preventive movements Disease, general hygiene and food safety inspection in school.

Pacific is located near the center of Can Tho city, convenient and save time for parents to pick up children. In addition, if parents do not have the time, they can be completely safe in sending students to go home by the school bus service and car safety professional.

Infrastructure plays a very important role in the development of the Pacific School. The facilities are more and more spacious, clean and beautiful, each generation of adult students from this school is proud of Pacific School, the school is constantly innovating to integrate.


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