The high education program at Pacific College Education System is a combination of an
educational program from the Ministry of Education and Training and English-language curriculum based on the Cambridge ESOL Examinations, the organization that provides the most valuable certificates and diplomas in teaching and learning English to teachers and students worldwide.

Each student at our school is offered a good environment that develops their personal strengths, actively learn new knowledge and master the skills to solve problems in life. Pacific College’s high school program is geared towards the overall goal of comprehensive personality and intellect development for students.

The teaching curriculum covers Ministry of Education and Training and the International English program (9 periods / week).

In addition, the outstanding advantages of high education program are the enhancement of the ability and skills for students: STEM – Robotics (2 periods / week), combined scientific research of Physics – Chemistry – Biology (2 periods / week), development of PIC talents (1 lesson / week).

The program system is a synchronous design of the following elements: practical learning
activities – festivals – social activities – scientific and technical activities. In addition, the students at our school also participate in many clubs every afternoon from Tuesday to Thursday; and this gives them opportunities to experience a variety of different talent subjects and develop their strengths: Guitar – Organ, MC, Dance, Reading, Martial Arts, Modern Dance, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Painting, Music, …

Students will be regularly involved in learning, living and playing activities in English. They will be able to practice communication skills through discussions and presentations integrated into the lessons through games. Thus, they will understand the traditions, culture and customs of countries taught by native speakers. In each teaching topic, students are challenged to develop their knowledge and ability to use foreign languages ​​to prepare for higher education and to be a solid step for them to achieve valuable scholarships in the future.

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