Overview of International English Program – Pacific College (Academic year: 2018 – 2019)



– The Pacific College focuses on teaching English as well as the knowledge and skills of the
Vietnamese Ministry of Education and the European Standard in the direction of development of listening and speaking for students.

– The school applies simultaneously Intensive English books by the Ministry of Education and Training and European standard textbooks. This is the foundation for the students to be able to participate in the exams of gifted students in Vietnam and international examinations such as Cambridge, IELTS, Toeic … This is also an advantage for children when apply for admission to universities, colleges or aspiring to study abroad.

– The school’s English program integrates classroom instruction and communication activities inside and outside the classroom to help students relax after school and also learn more about local and international cultural knowledge.

– Students receive certificates upon completion of each course and are recorded in the
“English Language Test Report” for their English language learning process at the school.

– With all of these goals, the school is looking forward to fully bringing English language
knowledge and skills to students

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