What will we study about primary program at Pacific college education system? Our school
with one hundred percent of teachers who graduated from public university, are enthusiastic and have good knowledge in their field will provide useful knowledge to students. This is scientific knowledge in education and teaching. Besides, constant learning about special knowledge, teaching skills and improving teachers’ morality, professional ethics, and creativity in teaching and studying will be a good example to students.

The core content of our primary program:
1. Moral and personal education: with twelve values of life, we educate students how to know unity, respect, love, tolerance, honesty, humanity, responsibility… and how to care and help their parents, their friends and people around them. Moreover, they also know how to share and say “sorry and thank you” to the unlucky people.

2. Knowledge education: According to the standard curriculum of Ministry of Education and Training, we always try to refresh the content to help students develop their individual
ability and enhance creative ideas, potential ability to help them succeed in their study and

3. Life skills education: In addition to the education of personality and knowledge, primary students at our school are also educated on essential life skills like self-discipline in
learning; and they also know how to do suitable work with their capacity, actively participate in the school and class’s common activities, learn teamwork spirit, protect
themselves, prevent drowning and learn high adaptability and strong will.

4. Being concerned about the school psychology: through coordination with the student’s family, we also help students study well and reduce stress.

For grade 1: we have essential lessons to help students integrate with the new study
environment quickly.

For grade 5: We provide, supplement and systematize the knowledge to make good basic
background for students in the next levels.

– For students who lose the basic knowledge and have the ability to excel, we have
strategies to tutor and foster effectively and practically.

Beside the program of Ministry of Education and Training, our school has International
English Department, Robotics, art of conquering books, creative experience activities,…
and some clubs at the end of the day: chess, art, dance, drama, hand-made craft, green
environment, badminton, football, calligraphy in order to develop the student’s talent and
physical strength comprehensively.

With the motto “Firstly be a man, then be successful”, we are committed to providing our students with the best efficient learning environment.

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