The goal of mainspring

Building a Future Path: Mainspring strives to build a solid, modern early learning foundation and progressive learning from simple calculations to complex mathematical applications. Orientation: For Mainspring all teaching methods and styles, ultimately, are aimed at helping students become independent and independent in their studies. Mainspring Indicators: From the staff, teachers, advisors, methods, and means of instruction, there is a mission to be a trusted place for parents to trust. entrusted to Mainspring “Cultivating their outstanding talents”. Target Every student coming to the Mainspring Center has the ability to learn math and the Center’s goal is to arouse the potential of each student. The knowledge system of the Mainspring Center has always been improved and never stopped, which are the basic skills that will follow the journey of the trainees to the future. Mainspring Center always strives for progress and continuous development. The Mainspring Center distills the essence of the Singapore-based education system. The Mainspring Center always measures its success through the individuality, agility and creativity of each student in the use of scientific knowledge, including mathematics.

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